The startup ecosystem is full of people who want to make it big and work hard for it! But many just can't keep their business moving forward and keep the numbers rolling. Moving from an idea to having a secure business, is where most of the entrepreneurs get stuck. The journey in between Point A to Point B is tough.

In this interactive workshop, the expert will be helping you understand how you can start-up and turn your idea into a powerful business. It is wise to just start than to start right. Learn how communicating with peers, researching well, a mentor can help your startup to get closer to your dreams.


Who should join

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Startups that are looking to scale up


Pre-workshop assignment (optional)

This workshop is designed to be as much interactive as possible, wherein you learn by doing. There is an easy-to-perform optional assignment set by the expert prior to the workshop. You would be required to explain in brief about your idea and why you want to pursue the same.

This exercise will help the expert to get more clarity about your idea and using the same as the base, the expert will be explaining what it takes to start with the idea and how can take it forward.

This assignment should not take more than 1 hour and can be done anytime before the workshop.


During the workshop

The expert will start the workshop by talking about various aspects on starting up such as:

  • Conducting a detailed market research, how to do the branding
  • Value proposition
  • Launching on the right time, importance of enhancing your social skills
  • Importance of bootstraping
  • Minimum Viable Product, FMA, concept of lean startup, and more.

The expert will be referring to a few assignments that you create before the workshop and will be sharing insights on how the same can be improved. Feel free to ask any query that pops up in your head during the workshop. Experts will be happy to clear each query.


Beyond the workshop

Your quest to start-up on a right note doesn't end with this workshop - in fact, it is just the start. By signing up for this workshop, you will get access to a selected group of entrepreneurs, who take an active interest in improving their pitching and hustling skills (just like yourself). You are encouraged to network amongst yourselves and reach out to each other after the workshop - to clarify doubts, seek references or help, or to bounce off more new ideas and get trusted feedback!


So, get going and sign up today! Reach out to us if you have any queries. We would love to help :)

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What if I have a problem with my internet connection during the workshop?

You are required to have a decent internet connection to attend the workshop. However, if it happens that you face an internet issue, you will have to catch up with the co-learners yourself.


Can I have a word with the experts individually during the workshop?

Experts will be given sufficient time to answer each learner's query during the workshop. You can ask any question that pops up in your head, and the expert will answer the same.


What if I need more hours to understand a skill, compared to other co-learners?

The live workshops are prepared in the manner that is understandable to anyone in the given time-frame. We make sure that each workshop covers a very specific skill-set so that no one falls behind. Regardless, if you feel that you would need more practice with the specific skill-set or need individual attention, you can send us a message at


How important is the assignment(s), given before the workshop?

The assignment(s) given before the workshop is optional. However, the expert will be using some of the participant's assignment and will be using it for many activities which will happen during the workshop. Hence, completing the assignment would let you understand where you stand strong and where you need to focus more, and make the most out  of the workshop.


What if I am not satisfied with the workshop? Can I get a refund?

We curate each and every expert on our platform. These experts commit significant time and resources in preparing for and taking the workshop, so as to ensure that they are interactive and easily understandable by every learner. In consideration of the same, we have a no-refund policy. However, if the workshop fails to take place due to unforeseen circumstances or the expert objectively fails in his duty to deliver, we issue a full refund to every learner.

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Have any queries about the live video coming up? Would you like to leave a feedback about the session. Or would you like answers to questions which were unanswered during the session?

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2. Book your seat(s)

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3. Work on the assignment (optional)

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