We all love our cameras, be it on our phones or DSLRs! It is that piece of hardware which enables us to cherish the beautiful moments of our life. Yet, we rarely use it to its full extent. In this photography workshop, you will learn how to significantly improve the quality of your captures. You will start tapping into the hidden functionalities of your camera, reliving your precious memories like never before, with little to no prior experience!


Who should join

  • interested people, who are new to the photography family;
  • are aware of the very basic features of their camera (be it on their phone or DSLR), but want to know how to unlock the true potential of the same.


Pre-workshop assignment (optional)

We want the workshop to be as interactive as possible, wherein you learn by doing. To ensure, you make the most of the teachings in the workshop, there is an easy-to-perform optional assignment, set by the expert prior to the workshop. 

As specified by the expert,  you would be asked to click 1 portrait and 1 landscape picture. The pictures would help the expert understand how you are currently going about clicking pictures, and suggest improvements. For example, there might be a certain setting you missed, while clicking the skyline of your city, which could help the picture come out phenomenally better. Doing the assignment, would not take more than 2-3 hours of your time, and can be done anytime before the workshop.


During the workshop

The expert will be sharing the nitty-gritty of a good shot in this photography workshop, which will include:

  • understanding modes of your phone camera, AV, TV, HDR etc
  • selection of a particular DSLR model/ lens before you leave for your trip
  • mastering composition and framing, to make the shots more memorable
  • making the most out of the natural light
  • learning the art of taking candid shots
  • understanding colour, pattern, reflections, and more

Subtle references will be made to scenarios, covered by the participants in the assignment.

By the end of the workshop, you will feel confident of clicking artistic pictures on your mobile/ DSLR, having received the valuable insights of the subject-matter expert and a community of like-minded individuals.


Beyond the workshop

Your journey to perfect your captures doesn't end with the workshop. By subscribing to the same, you will get access to an invite-only group of photographers and experts. Each one of the group members take an active interest in improving their photography skills, just like you. You can regularly ask your doubts, share your clicks and get feedbacks.

So, get going! Reach out to us if you have any queries. We would love to help :)

Book your seats

What if I have a problem with my internet connection during the workshop?

You are required to have a decent internet connection to attend the workshop. However, if it happens that you face an internet issue, you will have to catch up with the co-learners yourself. 


Can I have a word with the experts individually during the workshop?

Experts will be given sufficient time to answer each learner's query during the workshop. You can ask any question that pops up in your head, and the expert will answer the same. 


What if I need more hours to understand a skill, compared to other co-learners?

The live workshops are prepared in the manner that is understandable to anyone in the given time-frame. We make sure that each workshop covers a very specific skill-set so that no one falls behind. Regardless, if you feel that you would need more practice with the specific skill-set or need individual attention, you can send us a message at contact@timespade.com.


How important is the assignment(s), given before the workshop?

The assignment(s) given before the workshop is optional. However, the expert will be using some of the participant's assignment and will be using it for many activities which will happen during the workshop. Hence, completing the assignment would let you understand where you stand strong and where you need to focus more and make the most out of the workshop. 


What if I am not satisfied with the workshop? Can I get a refund?

We curate each and every expert on our platform. These experts commit significant time and resources in preparing for and taking the workshop, so as to ensure that they are interactive and easily understandable by every learner. In consideration of the same, we have a no-refund policy. However, if the workshop fails to take place due to unforeseen circumstances or the expert objectively fails in his duty to deliver, we issue a full refund to every learner.

Leave your Comment

Have any queries about the live video coming up? Would you like to leave a feedback about the session. Or would you like answers to questions which were unanswered during the session?

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1. Choose the skill you want to learn

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2. Book your seat(s)

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3. Work on the assignment (optional)

After you book your seats, you will be given an assignment related to the topic/skill you want to learn. You would be required to finish the same before attending the workshop.


5. Attend the workshop

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6. Get lifetime-access to a like-minded community

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